Half Day Akivi


About 3 hours

This excursion begins with a visit to the Ceremonial Site of Tahai, where we will find a coop and a wharf made completely out of stone, as well as the remains of a hare paenga, a type of house that resembles an overturned boat. Afterwards, we will visit the Akivi Ahu; a platform with 7 moai statues. This particular ahu has been restored and its 7 moai which– according to history– represent the 7 explorers sent to Rapa Nui by King Hotu Matua, are looking out to the sea.

Then we will visit the Ana Te Pahu Cave, which was long ago used for crops because of the humidity generated in that place. As our excursion comes to an end, we will visit Puna Pau, the Pukao –or ‘topknot’– factory. (They are said to represent the moai’s hair.) Return to the hotel.